SanCompounding is an Investment Platform by  Sandeep Anand “San”

The only reason why SanCompounding exists is to equip common people and aspiring investors with the required financial knowledge and set forth right approaches to investing. Even if I can create value for few people with investing know-how, that serves the purpose. Our goal also is specific in creating financial awareness among youngsters and millennials since financial awareness and power of compounding are completely ignored in education curriculum around the globe.

I’m a passionate investor who loves analyzing business firms for investing. I am a Value Investing alumni from Columbia University and strongly believe that investing discipline and temperament can enable one to become a successful investor. Most of my wanderlust centers around  Investing ideas, Books and video recommendations, Compounding concepts, Disciplines & traits of successful investors and analyzing Businesses. My areas of strength and business interests lay around Consumer business Brands, Consumer Retailing, Banking & Financials, Payments, Technology waves including Cloud & Serverless Computing, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, Digital marketing, Cognitive and Autonomous technologies, devices, smart retailing, Edge computing.


I hope this site inspires you to learn Investing, compound knowledge and wealth. Feel free to reach out to me at SanCompounding@gmail.com or follow me in Twitter #SandeepAnand @SanCompounding


Please note that the companies or stocks discussed in this website SanCompounding.com are purely for analysis purposes only and none of these are recommendations by any means. Sandeep Anand as the owner of SanCompounding.com might or might not hold positions in these stocks and any holding positions might bias my views expressed. Neither Sancompounding site or its owners shall be liable for any damages directly or indirectly to financial damages, gain or loss of capital that may occur as a result of use of the information or analysis. Please do your diligence and consulting with your personal Financial advisors before taking any investment decisions.